Thursday’s Program



Coaches choice



Bench Press 

3-3-1-1 reps



25x Bench press (135 / 95)

400m run

25x Bench press 

40 calorie row

25x Bench press

30 calorie bike


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3 Responses to “Thursday’s Program”

  1. jerry t says:

    Finished round 2 of Regenex stem cell thropy yesterday.This session was very time consuming,they draw 10 test tube size viles of blood from your arm,then you wait about 4 hours. Then then numb out your pelvice and syphon into the bone marrow with a large needle.You then wait again a couple of more hours and then they inject a mixture of your own stem cells with your blood into the trouble spot with the guidance of an xray.I now have to wear a brace FOR 6 weeks to make sure it sets properly.There,s one more shot next weeek and procedure is over.

  2. Rocky says:

    Geeze Jerry!! Sending her well soon, healing vibes your way. And a hug! ☺

  3. Rocky says:

    “GET WELL” wishes…

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