Cliff Brown

Affiliate Owner/Coach

CrossFit Level 1/CrossFit Kids/CrossFit Olympic Lift/Kettlebell certified

While growing up, Cliff was always into athletics and fitness. He played various youth league sports, but his passion since the age of five was Martial Arts. Cliff studied Goshen-Budo Ju-Jitsu under Shihan Robert Hansen, achieved black belt at the age of 16, and soon after began instructing. Cliff was a full time instructor until he went to college. Cliff received a full scholarship for baseball at New York Institute of Technology. There he majored in graphic design and had a successful career playing division I baseball. After graduating, Cliff worked as a graphic designer for five years. Then in 2001, after 9/11, joined the NYPD. Cliff’s class was the first class to graduate after 9/11, which was extremely inspiring for him. He worked proudly as a Police Officer for almost three years. In 2004 Cliff became a Fire Fighter with the FDNY.

CrossFit was introduced to Cliff by a friend who he work with in the firehouse. They started doing the WODs together in the firehouse. As he began to study CrossFit, he realized how important it was for him as a firefighter. Constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity, is firefighting. This is the point where Crossfit became more than just another workout program for him. CrossFit became a way of life, like Martial Arts.


Audrey Brown

Audrey R Brown

Affiliate Owner/Coach

CrossFit Level 1/CrossFit Kids/CrossFit Olympic Lift


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