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Since joining a few months back, working out has become something it never has been to me before: fun. Cliff, Audrey, and every single member I’ve worked beside has made me feel welcomed and capable; no matter how challenging the workout seemed. The trainers are extremely knowledgible and support you no matter where you are in your journey towards fitness… And the members are always there to cheer you on!
After years of feeling like I was fighting a losing battle with weight and self-esteem, the community at Crossfit Merrick helped me learn how to fuel and train my body. My mindset has totally shifted from how my body looks to what my body can do!  I don’t think anyone looking for a positive lifestyle change (especially one with a positive community built-in) can afford to continue training anywhere other than with Audrey and Cliff and Crossfit Merrick.


Cliff and Audrey inspired me to finally join CrossFit Merrick a little more than 3 months ago. I planned on joining sooner but felt I needed to get into shape before going. I thought I would be joining a group of young athletes that had been training for years. So I started exercising at home. I would do my hour of exercise a night and could actually touch my toes. What I quickly learned is that, yes, everyone there “is” an athlete, but not everyone could touch their toes . . . yet. But if you keep coming, you definitely will be able to touch your toes and so much more.Members range from young teens to grandparents with a wide range of weight and health issues. The instructors, members and general atmosphere inspired me to work hard and always do my best. Whether the class size is under 5 people or over 15, I always felt like I had a personal trainer. It’s not just your instructors that support, inspire and guide you but every member of the class.
Every day the workout is different. Each exercise has a modification, so no matter what ability level I may have; I know I “can” do the work-out.  I always walk away from a class feeling a true sense of accomplishment. Not to mention the positive changes in my body. I now have some upper body strength where I had NONE before. I can run and jump, do squats and any number of things only three months ago I could not do. I have lost 22 pounds and feel great.
The confidence I’ve gained has changed my life is so many ways. I am a 50 year old widow with three teenage boys. Getting into shape is not only helping me but I know that my children are proud of me. I have learned that you can chose to live this one life we are given any way you want, you can throw it away, meander through or enjoy every moment with good health. I have never been in better shape and always wake up feeling good, sometimes sore, but always good.
So thank you for being there. Your dedication to CrossFit Merrick and its members has changed so many lives, mine in particular.


I have only been going 2x per week for 2 months (15 classes total) and I already have seen my stomach shrink and my strength increase, but my hitting and throwing in softball has improved dramatically.  Now that’s what i call cosmetic changes… is what really counts to me since I just turned 36 years old.
I went to the Doctor for a checkup on February 2nd.  I had been lifting weights 2-3 times a week since November before I had gone.  When I got my numbers the doctor said to me, your blood pressure has gone UP to 126 over 88 (which is high) and your cholesterol has also gone UP to 212 (also high).  With a history of high blood pressure in my family he and I were concerned.
Enter CrossFit on April 1st.  I started doing CrossFit 2x per week and not adding extra salt to my food, otherwise pretty much eating moderately healthy.  My cholesterol went from a 212 to 190 and the better news is my blood pressure went from 126 over 88 to 112 over 66!!!!  The doctor looked at me and said “What did you do?”   I said the only thing i have done differently is less salt and my new CrossFit workouts.  He said “whatever that CrossFit is….keep doing it”.  If I got those kind of results after only 2 months, i can’t wait to see what I can achieve in the months to come.  Thanks to Cliff, Audrey and all the awesome people that do the classes with me. The motivation, competitiveness and support we give each other is amazing.  I don’t understand how everyone isn’t doing it!!!